Alanouwaly Guinea Centre

Alanouwaly Guinea Centre


We are supporting our partners in Guinea to develop the Alanouwaly Centre in Donghol, Boke which has been created for people to get support, acquire and exchange knowledge to improve their lives. The Centre has been built over 9 years by over 200 volunteers,  who help and protect it. They are growing some foods and through UK donations they have kept sheep, goats and chicken.  It now runs a computer learning centre and is working towards a sewing project. Alanouwaly has successfully completed the first clean Water project with solar pump in partnership with Alexander Sigmund and his Eau Pure project. Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla stands for non-corruption and fair co-operation between people. We believe people have the power to help themselves if they have access to the necessary tools & knowledge.

The Centre now consists of:

Centre Plans 2016

  • the main House, which is half built with 3kW solar power housing the computer learning  and water project, waiting for sewing rooms to be completed
  • a visitor’s house with 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms,
  • the traditional thatched roof has sadly burnt down, but there is plans for a new one
  • land where fruit & vegetable are grown
  • 1 stable with goats who are constantly reproducing creating an income

See Plant & animal Project


The Centre now runs the water drilling machine to create clean water sources in villages and a Mercedes van which helps people to get their produce to the market and occasionally acts as an emergency vehicle to take people to hospital. This employs a drill expert, a driver and a worker, who also acts as security guard. They are sustained by the operation.

See Car Project

drillin machine & merc

Seny Coumbassa, director Alanouwaly Guinea  CarMbaye

Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla is a registered NGO in Guinea and the director is Seny Coumbassa, an old friend of Salif. Seny has been leading Alanouwaly with utmost integrity, not allowing any corruption, and exerting a very good influence on local visitors who discuss and exchange ideas. The computer project is led by Sissoko and his apprentice Cher Ndiaw. There is a changing set of up 10 volunteers and helpers.