About Guinea

About Guinea


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Guinea is a beautiful country, very green with lots of water and immense mineral wealth. There are four different areas, the coastal lowlands, the mountainous Fouta Djalon, the Sahelian area and a forested jungle region. Guinea has deep cultural and community traditions with many ethnicities.



Though essentially a rich country with plenty of water, people are poor and have limited access to clean water, sanitation, medical care, education (adult literacy rate 29.5%) and electricity with overall inadequate infrastructure. Guinea does not have a welfare state and everything has to be paid for.

Guinea has huge potential, there are many international mining companies mining in Guinea. Roads and a harbour have been built in Boke County and there is now an unreliable electricity grid in some areas. But the majority of the people are without clean water, adequate education and healthcare are patchy and you will need to have money to access both. We worry that any gain from exploitation of the riches does not filter through to the people and that nature will become polluted, threatening people’s livelihood and health.



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