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Salifest 2023 was a great success! Watch to get a feel and idea of the day

Salifest 2023 was

The Phoenix funded Fun & Fitness Project with music from African heritage for older people has now come to an end. It has increased older people’s fitness & mobility as well their social connections to decrease isolation and loneliness. Thank You to Phoenix Housing for making this possible. We are planning to stage more of this out in the local community.

Fun and Fitness Dance Project

Compost Toilets for Africa Project


In spite of the very difficult time of the pandemic we have kept going mostly online in the UK and were able to fundraise successfully to help our Guinean partners to build an environmentally sustainable Compost Toilet Block. Salifest 2020 & 2021 was online with contributions of music, dance, photos and cooking video from all over the world. We also raised funds with proceeds donated from tailored Facemasks made by Hanna to help with medical needs in Guinea.

Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Foundation was founded in honour of Salifou Sylla, who died young in a car crash in 2008. Salifou was an exceptional African musician and dancer with huge generosity who had a vision of creating an understanding across cultures through his artistic skills and ability to inspire, connect and unify.

We perceived Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla as an ever increasing international connections who’s members and friends share whatever they have, be it knowledge, skills, material resources, finance, holidays, conversations, dance, music, opinions, anything that contributes beneficially to the human experience.

We organise African Music and Dance classes and the Annual Salifest in the UK.

Prendergast school  The diamond club

The love for Salif by his family and friends everywhere brought this project to life. So many aspects of human life can’t be measured in monetary value. It is important we share these other aspects as well as the material goods and knowledge. Each person and culture has something to contribute to this exchange.


In Guinea we support our partner group and its Community Centre and projects for learning, exchange of information and with educational and material resources.

We have all much to give and share and Guinea has much to offer us, but is also in dire need of resources to pull itself out of poverty. We welcome anyone, whatever you want to share. Please get in touch if you want to take part in any of our activities or just want to find out more @ info@alanouwaly.com. contact us

We are ready to receive visitors to learn the complex West-African music and dance traditions of Guinea, or to just experience Guinea, a beautiful country. The guesthouse has 4 rooms with 3 simple bathrooms.

To help us go to Donate page or directly to secure online donate facility

Current Projects that need your help:

IT sign

Learning and Information Centre this is improving the ability of Guineans to help themselves: knowledge and information through the IT and internet suite. The computer learning centre has been running on solar power since 2016 and we are nearly ready to expand it to work with local schools, who have no facilities. We can then start the Sewing Project to learn skills & commerce. We have all the materials for this, but we still need to find funding to finish building work.

Water Project  in 2013 Alanouwaly undertook a big consultation, Guinean volunteers filming interviews with over 200 local people about the issues that stops then improving their lives. Access to clean and safe water is the most fundamental problem. We have worked with the Eau Pure Project of the German water engineer A. Sigmund who brought a drilling machine and a solar pump to Guinea. Alanouwaly has sucessfully installed the solar pump at  local failed water source at the site of a medical centre in construction. Alanouwaly Guinea is now running an affordable drilling operation. 

Both projects will contribute hugely to the empowerment of women, who are core providers of families, herewith everyone. Especially easier access to clean water will  free women to have time for education, training and business activities and it will improve everyone’s health.


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