Car Project

Car Project

To assist local people in Donghol we helped Alanouwaly Guinea to acquire a car.

Car Hugh

Hugh Harris, a retired european & british transport contractor volunteered his time and expertise to find a reliable 2nd-hand Volvo estate car.
He drove it, made some adjustment and found important spares.

Car Aliki

Aliki Ritsataki, our director created the art-work.

Hugh drove it to the port & completed the export requirements & it arrived safely in Conakry without anything missing.


After completing various registration requirements and some adjustments to seating the car has been working since May 2012

  • It transport locals to markets affordably.
  • It functions as a free emergency vehicle on average at least once @ month.
  • It contributes to running the Centre by transporting water, materials, etc and by raising funds to sustain the group working there.

Gain: emergency vehicle for local area, transport for local people and their goods to the market, sustaining the Alanouwaly Centre since 2012.