Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Foundation UK

We aim to build partnerships and community alongside the many other groups & cultures that are quietly working to create understanding between people from all backgrounds. The competitive, commercial and bureaucratic nature of life in Europe can lead to people not knowing much about the culture of other people living around them. Communities from all over the world live here, yet it can be hard for individuals from all backgrounds to understand similarities and connections between cultures. Our activities in the UK aim to bring people together by exchanging information about different cultures especially from Guinea/West-africa and UK/ Europe. By examining our values and learning from and about other cultures we can find connections, build cohesive community and get the best of all worlds.

Salif Teach2


We facilitate workshops teaching music and dance of Guinea/West-Africa in schools and in the wider community culminating in performance wherever possible. For this purpose we have facilitated the making of drums benefiting the local community in Africa and schools in UK. Holbeach school project report ,  Drum making report djembe making

Seminars and Presentations

We make photographic and video presentations (with Africans) showcasing every-day life in Africa, including music, dance, drum-making, farming, education and health issues. We have identified lack of clean drinking water as a major problem and we are assisting in raising funds to drill boreholes and supply clean drinking water to the community. Our presentations include live demonstrations of drum and dance by some very talented music and dance teachers.


Community Events

Every September we organise the annual Salifest which is a celebration of Salif’s life and is also a main fundraising event to support the Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Centre in Guinea. Salifest provides opportunities for diverse community groups to perform and share skills. Salifest Film ,  Salifest Testimonials