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Learning and Information Centre Project

Education and knowledge are the key to improve your life.

But Guinea faces:

  • poverty ranking: 178 out of 187 (Unicef )
  • literacy at 29%
  • skills training hampered by a complete lack of resources
  •  lack of resources and expertise holding back all development
  • women have less chance of getting skills and knowledge

Urgent: The centre has been hit by lightning and we have created a Fundraiser for the replacement of the burnt Charge controller/inverter. Please Donate

To help people to find solutions for themselves we have raised funds to complete the building of a learning and information centre at the Alanouwaly Centre in Donghol Guinea.

computer ad Boke

Alanouwaly Guinea Centre is now running a computer learning in:

  • windows,
  • excel
  • word
  • typing
  • internet, etc
  • also: computer repair lessons
  • help with CV
  • Photocopying

computer 17

The computer classes are now led by one of the students of the computer classes. They fund themselves through affordable fees. 


Seckou Cissoko, IT graduate

Student’s Stories:

Hawa Cisse

Hawa Cisse is 21 and married. She has a diploma in documentation and is learning computer skills to find work as a secretary.

Ibrahima Sorry

Ibrahima Sorry is 15 year old pupil born with a walking disability. He loves learning all computer skills and wants to use them to go to University. He is one of several students who are subsidised by the centre as his mother is too poor to afford it.

We are looking for donations of working computers, in particular desktops.

Update on sewing project:

We have 20 sewing machines and a lot of materials donated by IKEA and the electricity to run this, but:

The building works for the sewing project are now complete.

But we need to fundraise for the solar equipment that was hit by lightning and extra protection against the storms. In the meantime are lending sewing machines to local women to increase their income.

Yakha machine2   Sonja and Kadjiatou

          All projects are working towards self-sufficiency.

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