Salifest 2020

Salifest 2020


Salifest 2020 had to be online due to the Covid19 pandemic. On 26 of September we held a festival on Zoom as well as posting over 90 film & photo contributions over the month of September with music, dance & visual support from Europe, Africa & around the world. We had drum & dance to join in, cooking instructions from our Salifest chef and a tour of our partner’s community centre in Guinea. Salifest 2020 had over 250 participants from Guinea, Nigeria, Brazil, USA, France, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Greece, many parts of London and throughout the UK. Over half of the contributions were from people with Black/Afro-Carribean heritage with the remainder being from many various backgrounds. Here are the longer films for the festival. The first 4 films are most important to understand what we do and who we are. Photos and more are on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages & Youtube channel. Alanouwaly is about getting people together from all backgrounds, ages and abilities with equal value and appreciation. Although we could not hold Salifest in person we could use this opportunity to join with more people from around the world.

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A tour of the centre in Guinea:

Short film about last years Salifest:

Alaleika is a Guinean group & this film shows nicely the dancing, drumming & singing of Guinea

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cook Salifest food with Lawrence Lahai-Taylor:

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10th Anniversary Salifest clip: