Salifest 2022

Salifest 2022 – 24 September 11:30 – 17:30

For the Lewisham Cultural Year and coming out of the pandemic we are partnering with the Red Ribbon Living Well group under the theme of Togetherness.  We are joined by new local artists, community groups and art forms from many backgrounds to celebrate and create connections and happiness. Salifest is a free community festival run by volunteers sharing cultural experience for people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. The festival is held in memory of African drummer and Lewisham resident Salif Sylla whose love for music, culture and community inspired many lives locally and in Guinea.

Volunteering Opportunities:

All Volunteers are offered a free meal and drinks as well as traveling expenses with proof of purchase. We have 2 and 3 hour slots you can sign up for. Any volunteers need to arrive before their time slot for induction. Please get in touch info@alanouwaly if you would like to help.

Volunteer Responsibilities
Setting up  attaching signs & decos, getting tables and chairs out, setting up stalls
StewardingKeeping an eye on safety, risks, our things, assist anyone in need 
Entry/info stall giving people information, keeping tally, encourage sign up & donations
Stalls help on fundraising, cake and tombola stall
Crafts tablehelp children make musical instruments, tidy whilst going along, keep an eye on risks (scissors, etc)
Kitchen cutting food, serving food and drink, washing up
Stage managinghelp to manage stage, getting people on & off quickly and efficiently
Film roomhelp with setting up, manage audience, packing up
Film room help with setting up, manage audience, packing up
Evaluation help with getting feedback from attendees

Salifest 2019