Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Foundation was formed after the tragic early death of Salif Sylla, a very talented and generous Guinean musician.

Salif’s inspiring nature left a big impression on all who knew him; and pupils, musicians, friends & family felt they needed to continue the work he had started.

A brief history   – milestones

4 May 2008

Guinea foundations

UK – First General meeting of Alanouwoly Salifou Sylla – Constitution and management committee established, bank account opened.

Guinea: Salif’s land signed over to Alanouwoly and building of Community Centre commenced.

13 Sep 2008



1st Salifest with many African musicians donating their time by performing and teaching workshops, many volunteers cooking, organising and running the day & so many of a wide community paying tribute. Huge success!

Feb 2009


UK: Drums commissioned in Africa for teaching projects in UK.

Setting up website for Alanouwoly Salifou Sylla.

June 2009

Dance Holbeach
UK: 1st Drum & Dance project at Holbeach School with performance at Summer Fair

Sep 2009


Guinea: cultivation of edible plants at Alanouwaly Centre

UK: 2nd Salifest

April 2010

caretaker House

Guinea: Caretaker house for Community Centre finished.

Sep 2010


UK: 3rd Salifest

Jan 2011


UK: start of After-school drumming clubs

March 2011

Caretakerhouse White

Guinea: Centre’s caretaker house painted and washroom & toilet added to it.

Sep 2011


4th Salifest


Guinea/UK: Start of research for Water Project.

April 2012


Guinea: Car sent from UK  to run a service for people in Boke. Filled with many donations including computer to eventually use at the Community Centre.

Sep 2012


UK: 5th Salifest

Nov 2012

water is Life

UK: First school presentation about water in Africa


Guinea: Commissioned hand-dug well, trial showed water difficult to reach and need to reach clean water veins, need for larger operation

Jan 2013

UK: changed name to the correct spelling of Alanouwaly with Foundation added.

Guinea: Organisation in Guinea continues to be named Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla.

Feb 2013

Guinea: Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Guinea registered as Non Governmental Organisation with constitution and management Committee. Alanouwoly UK assists them with the running and fundraising for the Centre and projects. Alanouwaly Guinea opened bank account in Boke.

March 2013

Big House

Guinea: building of 3 rooms of the Community Centre is finished and ready to accommodate various projects.

April 2013

Guinea/UK: Guinean volunteers filmed a consultation about their life and problems with over 200 people participating. The consultation was organised by members in Guinea to assess and analyse problems that Alanouwaly might be able to help with and to see what is the most important. Alanouwaly in UK cut the total of 5.5 hrs material to 1/2 hrs film to show at schools/events for Guineans to increase understanding and to raise support for projects in Guinea.

August 2013

Solar 5

Guinea: successfully raised funds to acquire and install a trial solar pannel and system to charge telephones, computer, camera and any other appliances and to have lights in the night.


Guinea: Research and interviews for water project

Sep 2013


UK: 6th Salifest

Feb 2014

stage2roof    veranda

Guinea: Stage 3 roof, veranda and floors done.

March 2014

Achieved charitable status with the Charity Commission!

July 2014

Guinea: Periphery Wall around compound built, enabling the Centre to grow more foods and start keeping animals.

alanouwaly august 2014 044   alanouwaly august 2014 043

Members planting inside & outside of compound & 1st Alanouwaly goat!

planting inside wall      


Sep 2014

UK: 7th Salifest

Dec 2014

UK: Container sent to Africa with Solar Power equipment, sewing machines & fabrics donated by IKEA, many donated computers, television and many other useful things


March 2015

Guinea: container arrived, donations sorted and handed out or arranged for the Centre

french literature donated to Boke library  donation:15 kids

April 2015

Guinea: 3 Kw Solar system installed at centre with back up generator

local solar electrician 6 solar batteries & latest off-grid system

Stage 3 windows, doors, plastering done, bamboo gate

Hall April 2015 bamboo gate

Hand-painted sign, including logo on annex of caretaker house


Goats, chicken & sheep bought thanks to the christmas appeal, their stables built, first goat babies born & first eggs laid!

Nell & kids chicken coop

September 2015

wonderful 8th Salifest with an article in the local paper

Salifest Paper

Funded the decorative artistic ceiling of the hall in the main building


Hens are laying eggs regularly improving people nutrition and 15 chicks have been given to neighbouring families.

Poule chicks carried by mum

October 2015

Small house extended with 2 further rooms and 2 verandas.




This will eventually be used for guests and volunteers. As the big house will be occupied with local learning and resources projects.

January 2016

Stage 4 - 2016

stage 4 built with roof, windows and doors

March 2016

Small house turned into guesthouse with 4 rooms, decorative ceilings, 3 bathrooms and veranda

guesthouse plastering  Guesthouse decor

bathroom bathroom 16-2 Guesthouse ceiling

May 2016

Computer project piloted with the first 10 students

computer project june16

June 2016: 1st Water Project completed!

After 2 years of fundraising and preparation the collaboration with the german water engineer, Alexander Sigmund and his Eau Pure project produced the first clean water source with solar pump in Boke. This is a huge milestone!

Waterboy  1st water project

August 2016

Guesthouse veranda railings done

balustrade guesthouse

September 2016

9th Salifest dance  9th Salifest dance2

UK: 9th Salifest

December 2016

Big house

big house with windowhoods and paint, ceiling in hall  and tiling in solar room


Start of full scale computer classes.

Murals to advertise the courses

IT sign

March 2017

Guesthouse Veranda, Mosquito doors and windows, inlaid ceiling


window-grids and paint, tiling

Guesthouse March 17

April 2017

Arranged 2 sponsorships

Fode sponsored Albert Einstein school

Arranged a sponsorship for Fode to go to Albert Einstein school

Yakha's house IMG_3779

Arranged sponsorship for single mum to build traditional house and some land

giving her independence