Contribute time/skills

Help Alanouwaly with time and skills

General Meeting

We are a members run constituted and registered charity with a small committee and always need people to help running things. Helping with something particular or becoming a trustee (committee member) not only helps the Foundation, but also gives volunteers many  transferable skills applicable to other areas of their lives.


We are seeking the support of corporate organisations, group and individuals to donate towards our various projects. We are also looking for individuals to continually raise funds for us from their offices and communities, build partnerships with corporate organisations and individuals or to make one-off donations. The reliability of monthly donations highly increase what we can achieve! Click on the Donate button on the right to make donations. You can arrange a Standing Order or Direct Debit by arranging it with your bank. Bank details here. Kindly forward the donation link to your friends and associates and encourage them to support us. 

Professional skills

We need many skills, for example we have had graphic designers, builders, musicians, cooks (Salifest), unskilled volunteers (everyone has a skill!) and more contributing their time and expertise for free.

Skills for Africa

For Africa we are particularly looking for people with innovative ideas & practical knowledge to build environmental sustainable projects in Guinea. We need simple and cheap solutions to a variety of problems, for example

learning how to build a functioning electricity generating windmill;

finding solutions to preserving some of the abundant fruits and vegetables in the rainy season, maybe to sell further afield. Or composting toilets?

Or to set up a project to find resources to teach reading & writing in french for our partner group in Guinea. We are fundraising for a beamer/projector, so a program in french on DVD could already start the classes. Alanouwaly Guinea beneficiaries have also expressed a wish to learn english. The Guinea Center has a computer suite which can be used as a tool to learn many things. Although in the moment there is no reliable internet connection in the area, we can be ready when it arrives.


2 people have asked arrange sponsorship:

  1. for a child to go to school,
  2. to help a single mum to acquire land and build house to become self-sufficient with food and accommodation

Both were fundraised by the sponsor and dealt with directly by Alanouwaly Guinea but liaised by us in the UK.

Possibilities are endless if we can find volunteers to create them.