Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Guinea

Guinea Centre

Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Guinea is an independent registered Guinean NGO which is led by Seny Coumbassa, a very good childhood friend of Salif. Through Salif’s name and memory, Alanouwaly invokes respect and support.

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Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Foundation UK is assisting the Guinean organisation and its Community Centre with fundraising and resources. The Alanouwaly Centre is helping people to get knowledge and find solutions to their many problems. We have fundraised to build the centre and material & starting costs of projects who then become self-sufficient. In 2013 Alanouwaly Guinea volunteers conducted a thorough filmed consultation with local people who said that unsafe water is the biggest problem in their lives, and we are proud to have helped complete the first clean water project with solar pump in partnership with water engineer, Alexander Sigmund and his Eau Pure project. The Centre is running a computer learning centre and runs affordable transport with its car, which also acts as an emergency vehicle free of charge (there are no ambulances), with at least 1 such emergency @ month. Since music has the power to unify people from all backgrounds, Alanouwaly Guinea also promotes the amazing musical culture of Guinea creating a space and connections with many excellent musicians. The center now has a visitors/volunteer house with 4 rooms with 3 bathrooms. Anyone wanting to join the projects, learn music or experience the amazing countryside and culture of Guinea is invited to visit.  See Projects  Alanouwaly Guinea  has also offered discretional emergency help to locals in desperate need.

A lack of prospects can turn many young Guineans to petty crime and many have taken the dangerous and degrading route to Europe as economic refugees. Alanouwaly has created  hope and a place to learn and discuss to find solutions for the future. Under the leadership of Seny Coumbassa Alanouwaly Guinea has had a motivating and stabilising influence on local people. The Learning and Information Project  is creating brand-new possibilities.

See Film with local guitarist playing at Alanouwaly Centre.

Alanouwaly Guinea is accountable to Alanouwaly Foundation UK for any projects funded by money raised by us in the UK. We (from Alanouwaly UK) are assisting and training the members of the Guinean Organisation in accountancy and transparency. Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla stands for non-corruption & fair co-operation between people. We believe people have the power to help themselves through access to the necessary tools & knowledge.