Water Project

Clean Water

Our First Clean Water Project is completed in partnership with Alexander Sigmund and his Eau Pure project. See here:  Clean water project  or full report

Waterboy       water project 2016

Although rich in groundwater Guinea does not have enough clean water sources and Alanouwaly Guinea’s local area, Donghol/Boke is no different. Guinea ranks 178 out of 187 in UNICEF’s human development index. There are few charities working in Guinea.

Well-hand                                 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In 2013 Alanouwaly Guinea in Boke conducted a film consultation to identify the most important problems faced by the population. Over 250 participants from all backgrounds including the local water and health authorities were interviewed.


The result was univocal that lack of access to clean water is the biggest problem identified:

  • health            – prevalence of waterborne diseases, eg diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera
  • access            – lack of water in dry season;
  • distance         – long distance, especially difficult for old and infirm,
  • time               – too much valuable time taken up by fetching water and queueing
  • hygiene          – insufficient for washing hands and foods causing illness
  • Foods             – difficult to grow enough in dry season causing malnutrition
  • economy        – reduces time for other economic activities
  • cost                 – medical care when ill deplete family’s insufficient resources
  • schooling        – lack of drinking water at schools,
  • girls                 – deprived of going to school because fetching  water
  • Water drilling – lack of water drilling equipment and funds for water provision


There are many problems connected to unsafe drinking water and we want to support Alanouwaly Guinea to drill water boreholes in an affordable way so that clean water can be made available to the population.

We working with Alanouwaly Guinea and other partners   to do drilling and installing clean drinking water sources and to provide and health awareness. We need donations, assistance and support from corporate, individual and charitable organisation to raise funds for this project.

Once the wells are installed local (mainly women’s) Cooperatives are running and maintaining  them self-sufficiently.

We are working on various ways to raise to the considerable funds to continue this very important work. We have been working with a  German water engineer, Alexander Sigmund and his Eau Pure Project  on our first clean water project.

Can you contribute to help people to have access to clean and safe water?

Film of local women’s Cooperative singing & dancing for the success of water project