Solar Power, the start

1st Solar Power Project


Fundraised 2013, installed August 2013
installed by local electricians
with frame for panel made by local blacksmith
– to charge the donated camera for film project
– to charge the donated computer
– to charge portable telephones
– to provide light for night-time use

in the future it will be used to power the film screen,
computers, mobiles and any machines that need electricity (possibly sewing machine).

Solar 1 Solar 2

Solar 3 Solar 4

Solar 5

The project outlay included:

100 Watt Solar Panel,

metal frame by local ironmonger screws,

wire and filler to fix on roof,

2 solar batteries 12 V, 100 AH,

circuit controller, Power inverter 300 Watt,

light switches, lightbulbs socket, fuse,

cables shelf unit made by local carpenter,

all labour & transport.

Solar Battery

Solar electricians Solar setup