Salifest 2015

Thank you for Salifest 2015

 “you blew me away, the best afternoon I had in ages”;   ” what a fantastic event! Thank you for organising it. Our family always enjoy themselves every year. Always different. Lovely Spirit” (Camilla, Chris, Helen and Alice:);    “a lovely exiting event. The drumming was vibrant” (Vaishali, Simon & Melita) ;   “this is so good this year… more again next year, can’t wait”;   “it lifted my spirit up”;   “a really special day”;   ” best afternoon I had in ages”;   “good people invited me to a good place on a good day. Thank you for your Spirit!”;  “excellent – loved the drumming” 

Salifest is booked for next year, the 24.September 2016.


drum class Salifest 15 Badenha Foli, a Brazilian family drumming group who are touring Europe, held a drumming workshop. Elsa from LEMP (Lewisham Ethnic Minority Partnership)  put on a story telling workshop with a Caribbean flavour.        LEMP storytelling

I was so happy to announce that  Guinea was celebrating the end of Ebola on the same day!

Speech 15  Salifest 15 Dance 2

We fundraised with cooked meals, beverages and home-baked cakes and a stall with donated items. The proceeds will assist our Guinean partners to develop the IT and sewing training at the Alanouwaly Community Centre.


Both LEMP and Alanouwaly displayed information and photos about work here and in Africa and there was handmade jewellery on offer by a local crafts person.

IMG_20150926_172533    Kids LegoThere was a children’s corner to get creative with Lego and some crafts activities.

In the afternoon we had performances by LETSwing, a band playing many classic tunes from Jazz, Blues to Motown with a Marlene Dietrich Song put in for good measures.

Salifest 15 Badenha Foli

The day culminated in Badenha Foli performing Guinean Rhythms and songs to dance to with many people joining the drumming for their last number.

Salifest 15 DanceSalifest succeeded in joining people of many nationalities and cultures to put on a happy celebration together! With people asking for more to come!Salifest 15 Badenha Foli-2