Salifest 2021

14th Salifest

Like last year we were forced to hold it online due to the circumstances of the pandemic.

See contributions here

For everyone who wasn’t able to join Salifest 2021 you can catch up with what we showed.

Salifest is for everyone, all background, ages and abilities to celebrate with music, people and food. Enjoy & we hope you’ll join us Iive next year .

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First up is a welcome by Hanna, the operational director of Alanouwaly. She briefly explains Salifest and our last year.

Alaleika in Gambia are opening the 14th Salifest

Artwork by Ryan, 18 (Chinese heritage) in Greenwich for Salifest

Ousmane Sylla (18) plays for Salifest 2021

Local Catford filmmaker @dakoffi_ AK40 Films short Suspense/Horror film: “The Morning After” ? Alanouwaly supported and sponsored the film with a location

Yeu-lai (Chinese heritage) in Catford sent us this beautiful artwork for Salifest 2021. She will be staging an exhibition @ninthlifepub in Catford during the month of October. See more @yeulaimo


Chef Lawrence Lahai-Taylor shows how to cook Salifest Food. Filmed by Daniel Sylla, 16.

Our partners in Guinea were unable to finish their contribution in time, so here is just a short update of the progress of the compost toilet, which will be finished shortly. We will show you their finished product in due course.

The women in this photo are part of a group who want to get involved in a sewing project and in the leadership of Alanouwaly Guinee. We are awaiting updates soon.

Souleymane Compo (from Guinea, living in UK) of Wuntanara invites and plays for Salifest 21

Yuu (17) in Japan plays for Salifest

Lamine Diawara from Guinea and currently living in France plays for Salifest 2021

Luca (mixed heritage) & Emidio (Italy) play for Salifest 21

Ziggy from Guinea, living in Manchester plays for Salifest

Vieux Ansoumana Bakayoko invites you & plays for Salifest 2021

LETSwing play for Salifest 2021

Lamine Diawara plays Kora for Salifest 2021

Souba Percussion de Dubreka play for Salifest 2021

Imani, 18 plays for Salifest 2021

Lamine Diawara plays guitar for Salifest 2021

Letswing play another song for Salifest 2021

Abram Diallo & Henry Gaobi sent a clip from festival performance for Salifest 2021

Lu, 70 plays for Salifest 2021 in London

Mamadou Ouri Diallo plays for Salifest 2021

Alaleika in the Gambia play another set for Salifest 2021