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Catford Fringefestival Dance Workshop

Alanouwaly is on Broadway!

Well Catford Broadway. Please pass it on! We are proud to be part of the Catford Fringefestival Be part of it too. Sadly this had to be cancelled! Get in touch if you want to find out about other classes or our free Annual Community Festival. You can also sign up to selected emails of news and activities.


10 Years of Alanouwaly

10 years of Alanouwaly

Have a look and see what we have achieved in the 10 years of Alanouwaly’s existence.

Just click links below and photos and achievements of the 10 years will open in PDF format. Because they are big files with lots of photos they will take a little time to open, but it will be very much worth it!


10 Years Alanouwaly

1: Our Story

2: Activities UK

3: Alanouwaly Guinea

4: Donations, Help and Materials

5: Other Projects in Guinea

6: The Water Project

7: The Building of the big house in photos

8: The Building of the Guesthouse in photos

9: Guests and Volunteers Facilities

10: The Computer Learning Project

11: Growing Food & Animals at the Centre

10th Salifest

10th Salifest

The 10th Anniversary Saturday, 30.September was truly special! It was completely free in the style of an African Sacrifice and we had more than 200 people attending throughout the day. A special Thanks to Lewisham Council who funded some of this and other workshops and concerts leading up to Salifest!


See the film 10th Salifest on our Home page.

Dance Workshop with Mariama and Drumzkool

Mariama dance Salifest17

Drum workshop led by Vieux Bakayoko with friends

Vieux Drum Salifest17

Sock-puppet making with Andor

Sockpuppet Salifest17

African Food & Home-made cakes, Candy-floss & popcorn

cakes Salifest17 meals Salifest17

Candyfloss Salifest17

Black History Month Quiz and displays with LEMP

info of our work in Africa

Alanouwaly2017-3 Alanouwaly2017-6

Hand-crafted items with Cynthia and Julie

Cynthia Salifest17 Julie Salifest17


2 ! Masseuses

Dance Salifest17 drum & people Salifest17

Live Performances of African music, Reggae, special guest Lady J, Patrick, LETSwing; Drumzkool community band and African Band with Wuntanara’s Souleymane & Abram; Vieux; Pape; Mamadou; Lou; Hassan; Cobra; and many more joining in.

Dancing Salifest17 Drumzkool Salifest17


Salifest 2016

The 9th Salifest

Band 9th Salifest

The 9th Salifest was once again a wonderful day celebrating our diversity and Salif’s generous spirit whilst raising funds for the project in Africa.

9th Salifest dance  9th Salifest dance2

African dance workshop with Bex

9th Salifest dance3

Storytelling workshop with theme of water and  stall by LEMP (Lewisham Ethnic Minority Partnership)


Sock-puppet doing workshop with Andor.

sock-puppet  sockpuppet2

We had music by LETSwing, Djely Fode Kouyate led the African music joined by Souleymane Compo of Wountanara, Mamdou Keita, Sorel, Lu, and many more

Lawrence   9th Salifest massage

Great Food from Lawrence and team with African Food, Home-made cakes, hand-crafted jewellery by Cynthia, Mariama’s massage, and stall with many wonderful goods.

9th Salifest stall  Anita&Annabelle


The 10th Salifest is booked for Saturday, 30.September 11 – 17.30

Our first clean water project

Our first clean water project

Waterboy  Water installation

Alanouwaly Guinea collaborated with Alexander Sigmund Wassertechnik from Germany and his Eau Pure project to install a solar pump and panels to restore a failed well. Over 6 weeks tradesmen and volunteers assessed and prepared the well, built a frame for the solar panels and the 3000l tank with 8 taps and installed the high quality Lorentz pump.

On the 16th.June they held a big opening with the regional authorities including  governor Siba Loholamu, prefect Mohamed Doumbouya and president of Boke development Oscar Koumbassa. Local and national radio and the national television were there to record it.

We are particularly pleased that this source of badly needed clean water was created during Ramadan. It is servicing an area with 200 families, although more people collect water there, as it the best source of water around!

Water is Life and there is no bigger gift than clean water!
For a more detailed report, please click here. Clean Water for Donghol 2016