Teaching African Music and Dance

“I feel energetic and alert, empowered in mind and body. That’s what playing the drums can do for you” – Lynsey Hanley, the Guardian


African Music has a great role in promoting the diversity in education. We aim to facilitate learning, understanding and the enjoyment of each other’s cultures with dignity and respect.St Saviour

African Music classes are, in their essence, unifying. Emotional, rational and physical aspects are all stimulated. The classes are both relaxing and good exercise at the same time.

In Africa history and knowledge is traditionally taught through story telling combined with musical performance and this is what we call here a multi-disciplinary approach.

Dance Holbeach

The expressiveness and unifying “wholeness” of the drum class experience can be of great benefit to European culture, which has excelled more in introspection, dissection and competition, leaving some individuals stranded and lost. Drumming and dancing can bring back a sense of community and “wholeness”.


African culture is, by its very nature, inclusive and workshops can be geared towards families, a wide range of age groups and, by prior arrangement towards those with special needs. Drum workshops have become popular with companies on team building missions or holding major events and celebrations.


We want to continue the work Salifou started and musicians he worked with and new ones have volunteered to teach. Everybody working with us will be DBS checked and we have public liability insurance. We can offer one-off workshops to longer courses with set goals that can culminate in a final performance with authentic costumes in:

  • Schools: Nursery to A-level
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Special Needs (by prior arrangement)
  • Community centres
  • Family classes – for the whole family together
  • Individual tuition
  • Prisons
  • Corporate events and team-building exercises


Workshop Content

Rhythms of varying complexity from many West African cultures taught using:

  • Djembe (lead drum and support drum)
  • Dundun (bass drum, 3 different sizes, i.e. tones
  • Kririn (wooden slit drum)
  • Various small instruments like shakers
  • Dance
  • Singing

Instruments can be supplied.

To book and for more information please contact us to discuss your needs and wishes.

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