2017 was our 10th Anniversary! 

How it all started:  Films from 1st Salifest in 2008

With the support from Lewisham Council we were able to run 2 school drumming workshops and 2 elders African Dance workshops, as well as preliminary concert in the Catford shopping precinct. For more photos and info see 10th Salifest

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We had workshops, Live Performances, cooked food and cakes, stalls, 2 massage facilities, tombola, 30 years of Black History month with LEMP, sock-puppet making and more.

At Salifest we celebrate our diverse backgrounds as well as fundraising for the Alanouwaly Community Centre and clean water project in Guinea, West-Africa. We join with people from all backgrounds to create happiness and collaboration through the spirit of love.
In times when people create deliberate divisions between people it is even more important to celebrate our togetherness with all our differences.

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for more info contact: or 07528703662 for next year

Salifest 15 Dance

Every year on the last Saturday in September we organise a community festival to remember and celebrate Salif and his generous spirit. Everybody attending and contributing gives their time, skills and energy freely from their heart. Nobody is paid and it is running completely on whatever attendees are able to contribute. This is very important to us and we very much appreciate everybody, who donates a bit of themselves with equal value of all contributors.

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Since Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Foundation is about cultural exchange and getting people together, absolutely everybody is welcome to contribute. There are performance opportunities for any style of music.

Salifest 2016 news

1st Salifest 2008 Film


We allocate a children’s play-area with toys/crafts inside and there is space to run around or play football outside. We have many volunteers cooking yummy African food and home-made cakes for all of us with a sweet tooth. We have a stall selling many donated goods and information about our activities are displayed. We are always welcoming new people and groups to share music food and fun with us.  Salifest 2016 was wonderful celebration with many different musicians, volunteers and families coming together to make the day special.

See Salifest 2016 news.


Salif Fest is both a Fundraising event, and a Community Festival to bring people from all backgrounds, cultures, abilities and ages together and creating friendship and understanding of each other’s culture through music and celebration. Understanding and Fun creates Harmony!

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