We organise ongoing school projects, the yearly Salifest and our support for Alanouwaly Guinea helped creating the Community Centre in Guinea, where they are running the car and planting food and a Learning and Information facility with computers with view to expanding all activities.

The aim for projects in UK and in Guinea is to raise funds for initial start-up, but for them to then sustain themselves through affordable charges and other ways to self finance.

We do not want to create a long-term dependency on donors.

So far we have managed this, due also to much of the work being donated and by many people taking part donating a little in money or time.

We do want to raise funds for bigger projects, like the Clean Water Project, where the initial outlay is huge, but the benefit will be equivalent.

Here are some project reports some in PDF and some as webpages, as well as the outline of some future/planned projects.

Latest appeal: Learning and Information Centre