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Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Foundation was founded in honour of Salifou Sylla, who died young in a car crash in 2008. Salifou was an exceptional african musician and dancer with huge generosity who had a vision of creating an understanding across cultures through his artistic skills and ability to inspire, connect and unify.

Our Vision

To build community and partnership between people of Guinea/West-africa and UK/Europe to assist and improve each other’s life through inclusive and respectful exchange of skills, knowledge, music and culture.

Our Mission


to develop understanding and co-operation between people of Guinea/West-Africa and UK/Europe by promoting the cultures and relationships through:

  • fundraising and undertaking development projects that address issues of health and poverty in Africa
  • organising workshops in African music & dance
  • the annual Salifest with performances, food & workshops
  • highlighting issues and life in Africa
  • enlist supporters and volunteers to support our aims


to support our partner organisations in Guinea/West-Africa to develop a Community Centre to

  • to empower local community with skills and materials needed to improve their quality of life and enhance their social economy
  • help with environmental sustainable and affordable solutions for local communities (eg clean water sources, DIY energy production,..)
  • promote Guinean/African arts and culture

See what we achieved with your donations of money, time and skills